Donnerstag, 17. Oktober 2013

Costume recap - The Escher Naise

Okay, I have nothing new to show yet, so I'll just start with some of my old projects before it gets boring here.

One of my all time favourite gowns is my victorian polonaise (dubbed "Escher Naise" by my friend Mme. Eleanor Vivian, because the pattern looks a bit like it formed in the head of M.C. Escher).
I made it for the WGT 2010 (gothic festival in Leipzig, Germany), so I didn't bother to use only historically accurate fabric. Besides, it was only my second try at victorian clothing, and I don't want to use expensive silk or wool when I'm not yet sure what I'm doing.So the fabric is some mixed fiber (I think it was actually intended for furniture), the edges are bound with velvet and the sleeves are decorated with two layers of fine black lace. The front closes with hooks and eyes. The skirt is made from ordinary black cotton and has a broad ruffle at the hem, decorated with velvet ribbon.
I used the well-known Truly Victorian pattern, but altered the sleeves so they would look a bit like 18th century sleeves. The pattern went together very well, but I'll probably not use it again, at least not as it is - you see it too often these days, and somehow it's funny meeting people at events that basically wear the same dress as you do. (Yes I know, different fabric and styling and all, but it's just weird when you can tell exactly which pattern a dress was made of from 100 metres away.)

 Anyway, I'm very pleased with how it came out. It fits like a glove, and I'm especially proud of the exact pattern matching in the front. 

Enough of the talking, on to the pictures! 

With lovely Mme. Eleanor Vivian on the left - all the stripes on her dress match exactly at the seams!

Here you can see the pattern better. Picture and editing by Alexander Löbel (thanks again!!).

Again with Eleanor Vivian - picture and editing by the wonderful Alwa Petroni / Graubild

The dress also passed the picnic test! :D (I actually don't have weird super-long legs - I just took off my boots *lol* )

This is how it looks on my dress form at home. The light is terrible and I couldn't close it all the way down, but at least you can see the whole dress.

The drapery from the side...

... and from the back.

And this is the shellfish I wore underneath.

"If you try to park your beer glass on my behind, I'll kill you!"

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  1. Yaaaay! I love so much what you did with this fabric.

    And I do hope you will show more of your projects here soon!