Samstag, 20. Dezember 2014

A study in dusky pink

I made a corset. It has several issues, but hey. I made a corset! :)
When I started it (ahem, that was maybe three years ago), proper research wasn't that much of a priority yet. So for some reason I decided to use totally unsuitable fabric as interlining. I guess this is the main reason for the crazy horizontal creasing, another being the pattern which I probably should have modified more. I used the Laughing Moon Dore pattern.
The corset is made of cotton satin for the outer layer, fine linen for the lining, and some weirdly thick but too soft cotton for the interlining.
I already wore the corset for a full day. Unfortunately it doesn't only look imperfect, it's also chafing my waist after a few hours. :( It's a pity because initially it feels very comfortable.

Anyway. I made a corset. :)
I also took pictures:

The front. Don't you think it looks a bit like it was made for really droopy boobs? I have no idea why the pattern does that, and why I didn't notice it when making the muslin. It's extra funny because the upper edge is a bit too tight around the bust. 
On plus side, I found a perfectly matching lace ribbon in my stash. 

The back. I didn't have proper corset lace, so I put some white ribbon from stash into black tea dye. Strangely enough, it didn't come out yellow-ish like you would expect from tea dye, but light pink. Another perfect colour match.

Me wearing it. Really brings out the horizontal creases. (I took this picture before I added the lace ribbon).
Of course there's also the much feared problem of gaping above and below the busk.

I'm pretty sure the chafing in the waist results from the unsuitable interlining fabric, which should be a lot stiffer.
I still love the colour of the outer fabric and for a short time it is really comfortable to wear. I'll probably not use the pattern again, but instead try the Truly Victorian corset pattern for my next one. As always, I learned a lot while making this corset, and I'm looking forward to make the next one!


  1. Pretty; and I love the colours!

  2. Wirklich schön geworden, die Farbe ist wundervoll.
    Schade dass es nicht sitzt. Aber dann kann das nächste ja nur ein voller Erfolg werden :-)

    1. Danke! Ja, ich denke die gröbsten Fehler die man machen kann hab ich jetzt alle schon durch. ;)

  3. Oh your corset turned out beautifully! Too bad that it chafes at the waist because it truly is gorgeous! I hope that you can adjust it so that you can wear it in the future!

    1. Thank you Gina!
      I don't think I will adjust it as I hate changing finished garments, even if they don't fit. I will just make a new one, in my experience it takes less time and nerves. I'm actually thinking of making a new corset for the first HSF(M) challenge 2015. :)