Freitag, 16. Mai 2014

HSF '14 Challenge #9: Black and White

I finally completed another challenge!
It was an easy one - create something that is either black or white, or black and white. Click here for a detailed challenge description.

I chose to make a basic black 18th century petticoat, which is going to be part of a black fantasy 18th century outfit. The project would have been ideal for Challenge #6: Fairytale (there's always an evil fairy), but as I have to admit that the HSF is going waaaay to fast for me I'm now aiming to finish the rest for  Challenge #21: Re-Do, which is due in November.

The facts:

What the item is: a black 18th century petticoat

The Challenge: Black and White

Fabric: black polyester jacquard, I think it is actually upholstery fabric


Year: 1780s-ish

Notions: thread, cotton tape

How historically accurate is it? Fabric: 0% (poly), Construction: 0% (machine sewn), Pattern: 100%, so I give it around 30%

Hours to complete: getting the pleats right took me ages, so I think about 6 hours

First worn: not yet

Total cost: all of the materials came from stash (yay!) so I don't know exactly, but I think the fabric cost me around €10

The pictures: 

Front view

Side view. I have no idea why the shape of the bum pad looks funny in this picture. It looks fine when I'm wearing it.

Back view. I like the pleats.

Did I mention I like the pleats? They turned out quite even, which makes up for the messy waistband. :P  

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